EDUO 9101:谷歌文档和驱动基础


    老师总是掌握着学生成功的钥匙. 但他们的角色正在发生变化. 教育工作者需要教授新的技能和教学见解, 在数字时代工作和学习. 学习如何使用谷歌Docs和Drive创建文档. Google Docs and Drive is becoming the preferred educational application tool for word processing, 电子表格, 演讲, surveys and quizzes that teachers and students need for most classroom curricular and classroom management functions.

    除了成为一套免费和强大的课堂工具, students can at any time and from any place work collaboratively with each other or with their teacher. 文档被自动保存和存储. One primary goal of this course is for you to use collaborative functions of Drive and Docs. You will store, share, collaborate and comment with peers and the instructor.

    “随着技术整合在我们的社会中不断增加, it is paramount that teachers possess the skills and behaviors of digital age professionals. 前进, teachers must become comfortable being co-learners with their students and colleagues around the world.国际教育技术学会.


    The main objective of this course is to give enrollees opportunity to learn beginning to intermediate uses of Google and how to apply Google Drive in an educational environment.

    • Interact with the instructor on every course assignments and when assistance is needed.
    • 了解云计算服务如何工作.
    • Focus on how Google Docs and Drive/Classroom allow students and teachers to create, 以最小的花费和设备在线分享和协作.
    • 创建示例文档、工作表、演示文稿、表单和绘图.
    • 存储、共享、协作并对创建的文档使用注释.
    • Apply use of Drive and Docs with students or peers by creating a unit of study that exemplifies the advantages of using Drive and Docs over older technology.
    • Reflect on the use of each Drive and Docs tool and on the overall use in the participant’s area of education


    • ISTE标准
      • Students: Empowered Learner; Digital Citizen; Knowledge Constructor; Innovative Designer;Computational Thinker; Creative Communicator; Global Collaborator
      • Teachers: Facilitate and inspire learning; Design and develop digital age learning experiences; Model digital age work and learning; Promote and model digital age citizenship; Engage in professional growth and leadership
    • CCSS数字素养标准
      • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of computers and applications as well as an understanding of the concepts underlying hardware, 软件和连接
      • Demonstrate the responsible use of technology and an understanding of ethics and safety issues in using electronic media at home, 在学校和社会上
      • 展示运用技术进行研究的能力, 批判性思维, 决策, 沟通和协作, 创造力和创新

    得到教学大纲 问一个问题



    B.S., M.A. 在教育技术

    K-8 General Ed; K-12 技术 30+ years.

    Site and District Tech 协调员; 技术 Program Planner; Conference Presenter; Author.

    "My current educational goal is to aid in the development of effective and responsible technology use by all students and innovative technology implementation by teachers."

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