EDUO 9219: Teaching the Foundations for Skillful Writing: Word Choice


    教练:艾伦 & 玛丽卢Varni

    Section A第一部分-引言

    欢迎来到词的选择选择, a one-unit course that is part of the 熟练写作基础教学 Series designed for 多明尼加大学, 分工 继续教育. This course supports the implementation of the Common Core Anchor Standards for Writing.This course guides the participant through meaningful exercises, 能够熟练地教授词汇选择的特点, 使用已知的策略. 参与者将发展有用的, targeted student-based activities that can be used in the classroom, 写提示的缓存, 有针对性的题目或得分指南, and an individualized lesson plan that conforms to Common Core standards.

    本课程是一个更大系列的一部分, 熟练写作基础教学, which lays out a systematic approach to the teaching of writing, 一次一个方面, 使用写作词汇的六个特点.

    在上这门课之前, 词的选择选择, you must have completed the prerequisite course Assessing the Traits of Writing. It lays the foundation for the series and introduces all the traits. 四门后续课程为:


    The traits of Conventions and Presentation are woven into all the courses, and will be demonstrated by you in the quality of the coursework that you submit.

    Using the traits of writing helps make the most of the opportunities to practice writing. 在当今以标准为基础的教育环境中, 重点是准备年度测试, 教师必须仔细选择他们的重点. Helping students to hone one trait at a time gives developing writers time to review and assess their work in more depth, 目的是为了提高他们的写作水平.

    This course aligns with Common Core College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing. 它特别支持CCR #4, 写作清晰连贯, 和CCR # 5, 发展和加强写作. 运用写作的特点可以促进写作的学习, 高阶思维, 解决问题和批判性思维, 共同核心所要求的分析和讨论.

    Creating Writers Through 6-Trait Writing Assessment and Instruction by Vicki
    皮尔逊Spandel,阿林 & 培根,第五版. (ISBN 020561910 x)
    Please note: specific page numbers in the assignments are referenced for the 5th edition and will not match any of other editions.


    Before starting the course assignments in Section B, do the following:

    •阅读课程目标- Section A part3
    •阅读常见问题(常见问题解答) - Section A Part 4
    • Save copies of all coursework that you submitted for your records.

    You will receive an official complimentary transcript from 多明尼加大学 within thirty days of submitting satisfactory coursework. The transcript will be mailed to the address that we have on file when you enrolled. 德甲联赛下注app成绩单的问题请致电 . 去www.DominicanCAonlne.请参考本系列其他课程的相关信息.

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    Curriculum developer, in-service leader in the teaching of writing.

    Taught course on the development of standards-based teaching, best practices and strategies.