EDUO 9534:介绍农场到学校

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    本课程是为K-12教师设计的, administrators and other educators who wish to learn more about the growing Farm to School movement in K-12 education. The term “farm to school” encompasses efforts that bring local or regionally produced foods into school cafeterias while supporting hands-on learning activities such as school gardening, 农场参观, and culinary classes to support both academic learning and foster a connection between local food and healthy eating.
    It encourages the integration of food-related education into the classroom and develops connections between the school and the local agricultural community.

    这门1学分的课程通过网络授课, 包括阅读的自定节奏格式, 研究和反思. It is the prerequisite for the 3-credit course, EDUO 9535 Farm to School Practicum.

    (1) USDAs食品营养服务:农场到学校. (2014年7月19日检索).



    • 了解农场到学校编程的基本概念, 确定支持此编程的资源, and explore examples of formal and informal educational activities that support student learning through hands-on activities and lessons.
    • Identify areas within current curricula (standards or learning objectives) where farm-toschool programming can be integrated to further support standards-based curriculum.
    • Develop a list of contacts and potential community partnerships which link farm and food production in the local area to their classroom
    • Create a lesson or unit plan that embeds standards-based learning into inquiry-based farm to school activities.




    Element A: Curriculum Content and Materials Quality professional learning builds educators’ knowledge and understanding of subject-matter curricula and materials so that all students meet content and performance expectations and are ready for college and careers.

    1. Focuses on learning the content required in meeting state and district outcomes for students.

    2. Deepens and extends subject-matter knowledge within educators’ own discipline and across other disciplines.

    3. 培养教育工作者使用课程框架的能力, 教学材料, equipment, 以及支持主题内容的教学和学习的技术.

    Element C: Program/School Quality professional learning uses schoolwide information to determine the current policies, practices, and outcomes that are the most essential priorities for educators’ professional learning.

    1. Uses information from school initiatives and improvement efforts to identify knowledge and skills that educators need to implement recommendations.

    2. 评估当前项目与联邦政府的配合情况, state, 以及地区对安全环境的期望, 以确定优先行动.


    Each completed assignment in this course is submitted to the instructor for review. 在这门课, keep one “running document” and submit via “Dropbox” upon completion of all tasks. You will receive feedback from your instructor within 2-5 days indicating successful completion of the assignment or the need for revision. 最终成绩将会确定,并通知您.

    填上你的姓氏和课程名称(i.e. BrownIntroFarmtoSchool). 一定要写上你的全名, 课程编号和作业编号在每页的顶部. You will receive feedback from your instructor within 5 days indicating successful completion of the assignment or the need for revision. 作业成绩将作为期末课程成绩的平均值. Grading assessment rubrics for written projects and for presentation projects are found in this document.

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