EDUO 9583:构建几何学习中心


    Construct geometry learning centers for future use that will turn your students into mathematicians, carrying out independent explorations of math concepts at the concrete level. Games that require the application of geometry concepts are also included. 这些中心最适合小学到中学. Select from the provided abundance of “ready-to-use” learning centers and construct activities that will engage students in open-ended explorations.

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    B.A., M.A. 在基础教育,基础数学和科学的重点

    40岁:普通小学教师, 学区教职员培训师, 加州科学实施网络的开发人员.

    作者和国家数学会议的客座发言人. Recognized for exemplary work in the field of education by the Johns Hopkins Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth.

    My goal is to convince teachers of the importance of "discovery learning" using open-ended, 实践探索.

    我喜欢和家人一起在家里做项目. I sing tenor in our church choir and volunteer tutor at Shriners Children's Hospital."