EDUO 9707:三思而后行



    适当的计划创造良好的管理. Good management means developing skills and habits that bring about good teams and reduce the chances of injuries. This course will give you tools and encouragement to become a better planner and manager on the playing field and throughout your life.
    Reading assignments will be from given website resources found throughout the course.


    Open and read the Syllabus which includes Objectives and a Grading Rubric. 你可能想打印出来.

    阅读并完成每节课的作业. Links to Each Session and materials needed to complete the assignments are located under the heading of Course Assignments and Resources. You will type your responses offline in your own document that you will later upload for grading. 在课程页面的顶部可以看到DropBox.

    当你完成作业的时候, post all coursework at one time in the Completed Coursework DropBox at the top of the course.


    1. 认识到个人在团队规划中的重要性.
    2. Develop long and short term planning that produces a positive, calm, caring, and confident coach.
    3. 负责计划各阶段的风险管理.
    4. Be able to transfer coaching expertise in planning to other important aspects of life.

    得到教学大纲 问一个问题



    B.A. 圣地亚哥大学传播研究中心


    高中教师30年,英语11年, 健康教育5年, 体育17年.

    Distinguished Teacher Award: Rancho Bernardo HS, Granada HS, Amador Valley HS.

    High School Baseball Coach 30 years: Rancho Bernardo, Granada, Amador Valley, San Ramon Valley. 多次联赛和CIF冠军.

    Youth Baseball Coach 10 years: Three Babe Ruth World Series Championships.


    College Baseball Coach 2 years: Pitching coach Menlo College, San Diego City College.


    “我热爱健康、健身和终身学习. 我教书是因为每个人, 特别是青少年, 身体上需要支持和指导, 情感和社交健康. 我要给我遇到的每一个人留下积极的影响.”

    个人:已婚,两个孩子,狗,蛇. 家庭非常重要.

    爱好:山, 海滩, 旅行, 钓鱼, 徒步旅行, 滑雪, 健身, 摄影, 阅读和写作.

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