EDUO 9781: Athletic Concussion



    The public (as well as coaches at all levels of sports) has recently become conscious of the frequency and seriousness of athletic concussions whether in professional, 大学, 准备或青年运动,包括男性和女性,甚至啦啦队. Because of this new awareness, 今天的教练必须做好充分的预防准备, 德甲联赛下注app脑震荡的检测和维护技术. 这门课程的目的是为了减轻教练的“头痛”.Upon completion of this course the teacher/coach’s awareness of the problem of athletic concussion will be heighten and a concussion policy will be developed.



    • Give evidence of her/his awareness of the student athlete concussions problem
    • Develop communication systems concerning concussions to student athletes, their parents and teachers
    • 制定脑震荡的预防和维护策略


    1. 这个问题

    Read the following four resources


    1a. 用运动脑震荡的问题来回顾你的病史. Note the question is not asking about your injury history but about your history of involvement with the problem (which might include a personal injury).

    2b. Describe a head injury that occurred before the athletic concussion problem became public news that you either personally knew about or heard of. 在你的描述中包括受伤的结果.

    Note that the purpose of the following exercises is to create better odds that the answer to 1c would be yes!!!


    得到教学大纲 问一个问题



    B.A. Communication Studies, 大学 of San Diego


    High School Teacher 30 years - English 11 years, 健康教育5年, Physical Education 17 years.

    Distinguished Teacher Award: Rancho Bernardo HS, Granada HS, Amador Valley HS.

    High School Baseball Coach 30 years: Rancho Bernardo, Granada, Amador Valley, San Ramon Valley. 多个联赛和CIF冠军.

    Youth Baseball Coach 10 years: Three Babe Ruth World Series Championships.


    College Baseball Coach 2 years: Pitching coach Menlo College, San Diego City College.


    “我热爱健康、健身和终身学习. 我教书是因为每个人, 特别是青少年, 在身体上需要支持和指导, emotional and social wellness. 我被驱使着要给我遇到的每一个人留下积极的影响.”

    个人:已婚,两个孩子,有狗,有蛇. Family is extremely important.

    爱好:山, 海滩, 旅行, 钓鱼, 徒步旅行, 滑雪, 健身, 摄影, 阅读和写作.