一年级老师? 退伍军人的7条建议

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    Articles aimed at new teachers can sometimes seem ominous:

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    • “5 Vital Tips for First-Year Teachers to Make it Out Alive”
    • “6 Tips for Surviving Your First Year as a Teacher”
    • “The First Year of Teaching Can Feel Like a Fraternity Hazing”

    Those are all real titles of articles aimed at teachers who 将 be walking into their own classroom for the first time this fall. 吓人的,不是吗?

    “压倒性的 is the word that best describes my first year of teaching,” writes an experienced teacher for Edutopia. “I wasn’t prepared for the multitude of things on my plate. I didn’t have a h和le on classroom management, I left each day feeling exhausted 和 defeated.”

    The challenges are many: developing curriculum 和 lesson plans, 管理多样性和包容性, working with other teachers 和 the administration, 与父母交流, 日复一日地教你的学生. But there are many articles filled with advice from veteran teachers on how their first-year peers can thrive in the year ahead.

    Here are 7 tips (with links) on how to succeed in your first year:

    • 利用同事的经验: “Find those master teachers with experience under their belts, ask them how they manage their room 和 use their advice to adapt your teaching style,一位小学音乐老师这样写道 TeacherVision. “Master teachers have been in the school environment for a while, trust me when I tell you that your new school 将 have a completely different environment than the one you worked in as a student teacher. Take advantage of their knowledge 和 experience as you mold your teaching style to fit the needs of your students.”
    • 学会创建高质量的课程计划. A second-grade teacher gives this advice to new teachers, on NEAtoday: Start with the big picture (where do you want your students to be at the end of the year?). Try to avoid what the author calls “fluff:” small activities that may occupy students but don’t encourage deeper thinking. Get creative about resources; relate lesson plans to real life; 和 don’t be afraid to innovate.
    • 为你的学生设定目标 为自己. “作为一名新老师, you 将 probably be expected to establish goals that 将 allow you to reach certain benchmarks set by your state or school district,” writes a retired teacher with 40 years of experience for AFTVoices. “While those goals can be helpful as you learn to be an effective teacher, specific professional goals that you set 为自己 tend to be more meaningful because they add intentionality to your practice as well as allow you to self-assess 和 reflect on how you can grow as an educator. “
    • 建立课堂规则和常规: “Present the most important classroom routines in a positive way, 就像你经常上的课一样,,一本德甲联赛下注app教学的书的作者写道 学术. “Explain, discuss, give students a chance to practice such routines 和 opening-of-day exercises.” Two small things that help: posting a general schedule that tells students when to expect recess, 午餐, 音乐, 和类工作, as well as a daily schedule showing the classroom goals for the day.
    • 准备一个应急课程计划: “I have one big piece of advice for first-year teachers,” a “sophomore” teacher told 教育的世界. “Before the first day of school, have plenty of activities prepared for emergency use. 我经历了惨痛的教训,孩子们 如果他们无事可做就会表现不佳. A class full of bored kids won’t all sit quietly for 10 minutes waiting for you to figure out what is next.”
    • 保持你的观点:教学是很难的. “课堂教学, 我相信, 世界上最困难的工作,的教育助理教授写道 EducationPost. “Nothing comes close to being onstage in front of young people for more than six hours a day, 每一天, 一年180天, 更别提课程计划了, 评估分级, 父母联系, PD参加, 和舞蹈陪伴. But the difficulty of teaching is in direct accordance with its importance. It’s difficult as only the things that matter most in this world can be.”
    • 别忘了玩得开心! “有创造力. 不要只做电影日——那是代替品. 你能去郊游吗? Plan one, work some ice cream in there somewhere. 音乐共享天? 小心, but that can be one of the best bonding experiences for a class,一位台湾老师写道 BoredTeachers. “The most fun I’ve ever had in class was when we’ve laughed at something we’re reading together, or watched each other play study games 和 make mistakes. 把阅读日变成短剧日. 播放与课程相关的音乐. 一个有纪律的班级会产生一个有趣的班级, from a fun 和 comfortable class comes a culture where students can open up 和 be inspired. 这才是重点,不是吗?”

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