New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers: Make 2020 a Creative, Passionate year

  • Every January, the temptation beckons: New Year’s Resolutions. Will this be the year that we actually lose a few pounds, 花更多的时间和家人在一起, 学会健康的食谱,  或者增加你的活动水平? 德甲比赛下注app可以. 德甲比赛下注app可能会. 德甲比赛下注app想要. 的 promise is t在这里, the fresh start is possible. (Even if we don’t always follow through perfectly.)

    This year, consider making resolutions for your classroom. Think about what you’d accomplish if you could, identify the things that are holding you back (hint: it isn’t always money), 让你的学生也参与进来. With half the school year in the books, you have a good idea of what’s working and what isn’t.

    We took a tour around the internet to find out what education hubs, 老师的博客, 学校的网站, and various other learning-centric sites are writing about the new year (and new decade!). Here’s a sampling of the best we found:

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    1. 让学生参与进来. What resolutions would they suggest for your classroom? What would they get rid of, what would they add? If they were teacher for a day, what’s the first thing they’d change? Write the ideas down, revise and refine w在这里 needed, and hang them on the wall. Make a note to review them – at the end of a week, 一个月, 一个季度, 只要管用,就坚持到底.
    2. 获得更好的组织. You’re halfway through the school year; how are your organizational systems working? Do papers and files go w在这里 they’re supposed to? Do you have piles of things on your desk that need attention, sorting, or putting away?
    3. Incorporate games w在这里 they make sense表明, 学术 网站. 例如, 它建议Book Bingo, w在这里 students fill in spaces on their cards by reading specific authors or genres of books. When a student finishes a row of spaces, they receive a reward — a book of their own, 或者教室特权.
    4. If you are an administrator or are in a position to help change the environment, 创建教练文化网站上说 AdvancingK12, which focuses on the leadership and culture of education. Districts that are facing teacher shortages could do well to examine how their teacher-evaluation systems and their mentor programs for first-year teachers are working. Don’t wait until the school year ends (when teachers typically resign); take a look at things now, 虽然还有时间去调整.
    5. Pay attention to your work-life balance. 在假期结束后, you probably felt refreshed and ready; but how soon afterward did you feel overwhelmed again? It can be tempting to work as much as you can in order to get or stay ahead, but that’s not necessarily the best thing for you. 健身, 休息, 营养, and recreational time all contribute to making you a better teacher overall. Dr. Phil has often commented to overwhelmed moms that “the best way to take care of your children is to take care of their mother.” Put yourself in that equation: 的 best way to take care of your students is to take care of their teacher.
    6. 提高你的专业资源. Have you recently felt that you need more education in a specific area? 更多的 专业发展 针对特定需求? Start looking now at ways that you can improve or add to the skills you bring to the classroom.

    德甲联赛下注app offers 专业发展 and 继续教育课程 在许多学科中:管理, 艺术和音乐, 体育教练, 课堂管理, 教育宣传, 教育旅游, 健康与保健, 语言艺术和l形的课程, 数学, 专业阅读, 科学, 社会研究, 特殊教育, 和技术. 的 courses are online, self-paced, and fulfill from one to six continuing education credits. Some courses that would help with the above resolutions:

    • 我才教育系列: Three courses focus on the establishment and curation of a creative, passionate environment in the classroom, 对老师和学生都有好处. 的y include: Teacher and Student Passion (EDUO 9747), Passionate Classroom Communities (EDUO 9748), and Passionate and Engaging Lesson Planning (EDUO9749).
    • 教学生活的必需品 series includes seven courses designed to work together (but not required to be taken together). “Great teachers are remembered not for the knowledge they impart, but for the way they encourage and lift their students’ achievement, 不仅仅是在一个科目上, but in the important skills of living a fulfilling life,电视剧的总结是这样说的. 七道菜涵盖幸福, 同情, 好奇心, 弹性, 成长心态, 灵感, 和宽容.
    • 自我保健和健康 courses include several that focus on your own health and well-being. Various classes focus on Managing Work and Life (EDUO 9053), 感恩的科学(EDUO 9052), Building Social Connections and 支持 Systems (EDUO 9051), and Implementing Self-Care (EDUO 9054). 不知道从哪里开始? Start with Health and 健康 for the Educator (EDUO 9533), 其中包括营养, 健身, 和社会健康.

    Resolved to make 2020 an even better year? 让DominicanCAonline帮. 点击 在这里 and find a course that suits you and your classroom.